Why Enter?

“Warbirds Over Wanaka International Airshow has been basking in the NZEA Award glory for some time now and winning two categories has assisted in our gaining more dollars from funders and additional interest from potential visitors, including increased early ticket sales – so all good!"

- Mandy Deans, Warbirds Over Wanaka
Winner, Best National Event of the Year 2018
&New Zealand's Favourite Event 2018

"The entry process in itself had huge benefits... It was a process of reflection and analysis away from the busy doing which is so often event management and actually realising that we did indeed have an awesome event that was worthy of entering."

-Suzanne Porter, WOMAD
Winner, Best National Event of the Year, 2017

"Winning ... allowed our team to shine in a big organisation. A place where people are often competing for budget and resources, and getting results is one of the biggest deciders of where this gets distributed. So to be able to put forward results which resulted in national awards and recognition is huge."

-Mike Wootton, (formerly) ASB
Winner, Best Sponsorship Professional of the Year 2017
& Winner, Best Sponsorship of a Cultural Event 2017

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