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INDUSTRY UPDATE: Regional Events Fund + Alert Level decision

14 September 2020

Today's alert level update.

As per this afternoon's announcement, the current alert level settings will be maintained nationwide for another week.

  • Auckland's level 2.5 setting will be reviewed next Monday 21 September with a view to increase limits on social gatherings (distinct from controlled events) from Wednesday 23 September, provided case numbers track as expected.
  • The rest of New Zealand will remain at level 2 with a view to move to level 1 at 11:59 on Monday 21 September, also contingent on case numbers. 

Controlled events may take place with multiple groups of 100 in Auckland, and the rest of New Zealand, provided they are clearly separated into 'defined spaces'. The person in control of the defined spaces must have systems in place to ensure that the separate gatherings do not intermingle. 

For full details please see the COVID-19 website and also the New Zealand Major Events website (please note if there is any contradiction between the two websites, the COVID-19 website applies).

In the meantime, we continue to advocate for our four pillars of action as per our latest media release.

$10M Domestic Events Fund

Further to last week's announcement of the distribution of the $10M Domestic Events Fund (DEF), we have followed up with the team at New Zealand Major Events (MBIE) regarding the exact date of payment, we will keep you posted.

$50M Regional Events Fund

Last week, more detail on the $50M Regional Events Fund (REF) was announced.

The aim of the fund is to stimulate domestic tourism through events. To achieve this the fund will be split regionally across International Marketing Alliances (IMA) groupings based on their share of international visitor spending prior to COVID-19.  Each IMA is comprised of local Regional Tourism Organisations (RTO's). Click here for more detail. 

We will continue to work with New Zealand Major Events (MBIE) on the final details of this fund and keep you updated as this progresses.