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COVID-19: Letter to Government & Industry Update

29 April 2020

Taking further action for our events sector

On our second day at alert level 3, and following an ANZAC weekend with no official commemorations, we certainly hope we remain on track to see a resurgence of event activity in the coming weeks and months.

Our industry has a long road to recovery, and on that front we have actively engaged with the Government for over a month now advocating for our sector.

The NZEA, together with prominent industry leaders, last week issued a letter to the Government and members of parliament calling for immediate and meaningful Government support for the events sector. You can view the full details of the letter here. Thank you to those industry leaders who lent their voice to our message.

The NZEA will now be meeting with the Minister for Economic Development Hon Phil Twyford this Thursday. We look forward to keeping you updated on developments and anticipate further industry consultation may be required.

For now, we believe we are heading in the right direction with encouraging comments from the Prime Minister at yesterday's press conference:

"We have always said that we want to keep monitoring the impact on different sectors and I'd say tourism would be a very obvious one. Those who work in the space of large events - let's not forget they were among the first to be affected and the last who are likely to be able to operate again - so there are specific areas where we are working on what additional support redeployment or initiatives from government can support the ongoing employment of those people who have previously been in that sector."

On whether the 12 wage subsidy should be extended for those sectors hardest hit, the PM said:

"And that's where potentially you start looking at more specific and specially designed initiatives that will address the needs of what are a very particular set of businesses, keeping in mind that with the wage subsidy, here we are after five weeks in with a 12 week subsidy still in place. And so, for us, it's actually looking at whether or not there are more specific initiatives that should be designed."