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COVID-19 Industry Update: recovery budget, industry workshop and alert level 2 clarified

14 May 2020

While today's budget announcement was not quite what we had expected for the sector, there was a beacon of hope in the comments made in parliament by the Prime Minister and Minister Robertson with mention of a recovery fund related to events to follow in the coming days ... so we believe we are moving in the right direction!

Industry workshop with MBIE

  • Further to the consultation on our Sector Survival Strategy, today NZEA took part in a two hour workshop run by MBIE, along with CINZ, EVANZ, ETNZ, NZ Promoters Association and Music Helps. The purpose of this workshop was to collectively prioritise an agreed range of Government interventions as part of the sector survival strategy
  • A final sector survival paper will go to Minister Twyford early next week, the timeline of next steps is unknown at this stage

Media coverage in the last seven days

The NZEA accepted every media opportunity as we have been approached to comment. Here's a snapshot of the coverage over the last week.

We also had the opportunity to present to the Epidemic Response Parliamentary Committee last week to outline the impact of COVID-19 on our sector.

Government's COVID-19 Recovery Budget

  • There was no targeted events industry support announced in today's budget however the comments made in parliament by the Prime Minister and Minister Robertson with mention of a recovery fund related to events to follow in the coming days is encouraging.
  • The extension of the wage subsidy scheme will benefit many in the events sector, with 80% of you telling us it was important or very important in our consultation.

Alert Level 2 guidelines clarified
(Full details to be posted shortly on

We are pleased to see clarification from MBIE today regarding social gatherings vs organised, ticketed events.

Ticketed large events, including conferences, theatres and stadiums are subject to a 100 person limit. There is a one-metre distancing requirement, and contact tracing is essential.

Large ticketed events must:

  • be seated
  • able to keep attendance records effectively (i.e. allowing for contact tracing)
  • having physical distancing in place
  • have good hygiene procedures
  • and that any food and drink must meet the hospitality provisions.

Therefore, when planning events, the questions to ask are:

  • Can your event support seated guests?
  • Can your event support physical distancing?
  • Can your event allow for appropriate hand-washing facilities, and keep communal areas such as bathrooms clean?
  • Can you collect adequate information for contact tracing? Contacting tracing means collecting and maintaining accurate records which include a person’s full name, their address, an effective means of communicating with them (for example, a current phone number or email address) and the time at which the person arrived and left the event. The health position statement on record-keeping and the privacy commission guidelines both suggest this information should be held for two months.

Together we have taken action for our events sector and we'll continue to do so.

Kia kaha,

Ségolène de Fontenay
General Manager, NZEA