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COVID-19 Industry Update: Make Summer Unstoppable

10 December 2020

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We’re all looking forward to a great summer, a summer with our whānau and families, a summer that’s good for our communities and is great for our businesses, events sector and economy. To help with this, the new COVID-19 advertising and public engagement campaign, Make Summer Unstoppable will be launching this Sunday.

Objective of the “Make Summer Unstoppable” campaign
This is all about encouraging New Zealanders to continue doing those easy, everyday actions that help keep everyone safe and events running over summer and beyond:

  • Continue good health practices
  • Keep COVID-19 in check by washing hands
  • Scanning QR codes
  • Staying home if sick and getting a test  

The idea is to support events to keep their QR codes visible, get attendees to sign in and to keep staff, volunteers and attendees away from events if they are unwell this summer. All the key messages in this campaign are based on advice provided by the Ministry of Health. 

Online toolkit
To help, an online toolkit has been created with a range of customisable posters, images and resources which the events sector will be able to use (once the campaign launches) to engage with attendees, venues, suppliers and the public.  

Key aspects of the toolkit

  • The brand is flexible and customisable. There is a poster template into which you can insert your own imagery, event name, location, etc,  to design bespoke posters for any event or venue. There are also separate logos that can be incorporated into other materials. Have fun with it!
  • There is a ‘Remember to scan’ poster with a space to add QR codes 
  • Generic posters for the four calls to action: wash hands, turn Bluetooth on, scan in, stay home if your sick.
  • Image based posters – currently only showing a beach scene but more options are coming featuring event images. Just keep checking the link below.  
  • Full brand guidelines are included in the toolkit.

A small number of hardcopy posters are available, to enquire please get in touch with

New Bluetooth tracing
Importantly, to further assist with COVID-19 contact tracing, today the NZ COVID Tracer app will be updated to include Bluetooth tracing. This will allow app users to receive an alert if they have been near another app user who tests positive for COVID-19. Messaging encouraging app users to switch their Bluetooth on at events is included in the campaign.

Click here for the online toolkit

Thank you for helping to make summer unstoppable.