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COVID-19 INDUSTRY UPDATE: Important clarification on alert level 2 guidelines

11 October 2021

Alert level decision

As per the Prime Minister's announcement today, Auckland will remain at alert level 3 with the current settings for a further week, and Northland and Waikato to remain at level 3 with a review due this Thursday 14 October.

Events at alert level 2

The NZEA have received further clarification on the rules for events at alert level 2 from DPMC (Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet). The following is also now updated on

> Events and entertainment at alert level 2

At Alert Level 2, there are no restrictions on the number of people that can attend an event at a venue, for example at a stadium, cinema or theatre — as long as everyone can safely stay 1 metre apart.
Please note that DPMC have just confirmed that events can be seated or standing, however physical distancing rules remain. Seated and separated remains for hospitality
This includes indoor and outdoor event facilities, and both ticketed and non-ticketed events.
If an event is outdoors but not at an event facility — for example a concert at a park, a parade, or an organised sporting event like a marathon, this is limited to 100 people.

> Advice for event organisers

Everyone attending your event needs to keep a safe distance from people they do not know. Attendees must stay 1 metre away from each other — unless you are hosting a private social gathering. People working at the event also need to stay 1 metre apart from each other.

  • If your venue has a stage, make sure the audience is seated 1 metre away.
  • If your venue is small, you may need to limit attendees to make sure everyone can distance safely. You may want to alternate occupied seats with vacant seats to help everyone keep a safe distance.
  • Think about how people can safely distance in congested areas – for example, bathrooms, entrances, lifts, corridors and walkways.
  • Encourage people to arrive early. You may want to open the venue up earlier to allow people more time to find their seats, order food or drink and avoid congestion.
  • Use signs and posters to direct traffic flow, and let people know where they need to stand.

> Face coverings

Performers do not need to wear a face covering when on stage, but are encouraged to wear one backstage.

Attendees are encouraged to wear a face covering where possible — they can take it off to eat and drink.

P.S. If you've sent us a query regarding the alert level 2 guidelines, rest assured we are seeking guidance and will update you and the wider industry as soon as we have an answer.

Vaccine certificates at events

The Government is leading discussions with the events sector, including NZEA, in regards to the mandatory Covid-19 vaccine certificates (CVC) for events. NZEA have provided initial feedback on the scheme with the Government advising “We will use this feedback to inform our report back on stakeholder consultation (in week of 11th October) to the Minister for COVID-19 Response”.

We will update the industry as soon as we are able.

Vaccination and employment tips!

In addition to the resources linked to in our previous update, below are some further resources that may be of assistance:

As always, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us at with any queries you may have

Kia kaha,

Ségolène de Fontenay
General Manager, NZEA