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COVID-19 INDUSTRY UPDATE: COVID-19 Protection Framework, vaccines & AL2 events

02 November 2021

COVID-19 Protection Framework

Last Wednesday, the NZEA, along with other industry associations participated in an information session with DPMC, MBIE and the Ministry of Health to discuss the new COVID-19 Protection Framework. This hui was the opportunity for representatives of the events sector to discuss how the Government's announced changes will affect our sector, including how it is relevant to Covid-19 vaccination certificates. This discussion will help inform the implementation of the new framework.

Thanks to everyone who emailed through comments and questions, these were put to the group.

We understand the Government is still compiling the questions as they come in from various organisations, and answers will be available in the next week or two. Some questions require further work and policy decisions to be made before they can be answered so these will be responded to once those decisions are made.

Next steps – policy and legislation: throughout November

  • Amendments to the COVID-19 Public Health Response Act
  • Preparation of Orders and Regulations to support CVCs and worker vaccination requirements
  • Development of sector-specific guidance

Implementation: when we shift will depend on progress towards 90% vaccination targets

In the meantime, detailed information on the new COVID-19 Protection Framework, which will come into effect when 90% of the population in fully vaccinated, is available here, and a useful simplified chart is available here

Vaccine certificates and event staff

The Prime Minister announced a week ago that any events using the mandatory CVCs (Covid-19 Vaccine Certificates) will also need to have all staff fully vaccinated. This was further clarified in last week's meeting, with some key points as follows:

  • Vaccination will be required for all workers at businesses where customers need to show CVCs by law, such events using CVCs.
  • Non-vaccinated employees in roles requiring vaccination will be given four weeks’ paid notice to get vaccinated before employment can be terminated.
  • Employers must provide paid time off for employees to get vaccinated.

Obligations will be put on both the PCBU and the individual (which includes workers):

  • The PCBU will be required to check the CVC upon entry, they do not have to check identification, but can request secondary identification
  • Individuals are responsible for holding the required evidence (a CVC) and not entering without the required evidence / doing work that requires vaccination without evidence

Events at alert level 2

We have questioned last week the rationale of some of the guidelines between indoor and outdoor events at alert level 2 with DPMC, alongside your other queries received through our advocacy email - waiting to hear back. 


All About People are generously offering free COVID-19 Resources covering risk assessment processes for COVID 19 vaccinations, email templates and health and safety templates for working at alert levels 2 & 3. Kia kaha, 

Ségolène de Fontenay
General Manager, NZEA