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COVID-19 INDUSTRY UPDATE: Alert level changes & mandatory record keeping update

06 September 2021

Alert level 2 outside of Auckland from 11:59pm Tuesday. Auckland to remain at alert level 4.

Further to this afternoon's announcement, all of New Zealand, apart from Auckland, will move to alert level 2 from Tuesday night. Auckland will remain at alert level 4 until the settings are reviewed next week.

Alert level 2 changes: Modifications to the alert level 2 settings were also announced this afternoon, the most notable for the events sector being a limit of 50 people in indoor spaces for hospitality and events, reduced from the usual 100 person limit in defined spaces as was in force previously under alert level 2. At this stage we understand that outdoor events will be able to have groups of up to 100 people (we are awaiting further clarification on this).

Other changes include the need to wear face coverings in indoor settings at alert level 2, and a 2m distancing rule for indoor venues and facilities.

At the time of sending, the website has yet to be updated with the new level 2 details, so keep checking here over the next 24 hours.   

We are yet to understand from DPMC whether there will be a need to 'travel with your alert level' at alert level 2 as there seems to be a shift in this information since the February outbreak. We are seeking clarification if this is the case to help event professionals plan as alert levels are decreased.  

Mandatory record keeping at events

Mandatory record keeping requirements come into effect at 11:59pm on 7 September 2021. DPMC have supplied further information and resources around this requirement for the events industry. Please ensure you are familiar with the requirements.

Please note that last week we shared that DPMC confirmed that outdoor events will NOT be subject to mandatory record keeping requirements, however the NZEA recommend having systems in place, as far as is reasonably practical, to enable attendees to keep a record of their visits to outdoor events. Good record keeping supports faster communication with those who are identified as contacts of a positive case.

FAQ document: Please click here to view the Record Keeping FAQs, we have summarised key points for the events sector below, but encourage you to read the FAQ document in its entirety also. 

  • What do business and services need to do to be compliant with the requirement? Relevant businesses and locations will be responsible having systems and processes in place to enable, so far as is reasonably practicable, people scan in using the COVID-19 tracer app, or manually record their visit.
  • Where do these requirements apply? An indoor event facility, such as a cinema, theatre, concert venue, or casino legally must have systems and processes to ensure visitors keep a record of where they have been (whether via the NZ COVID Tracer app or otherwise).
  • What kinds of events do these requirements apply to? Both commercial, ticketed events and gatherings such as weddings are included in the requirements. Indoor event facilities like theatres, concert venues and cinemas are also required to have processes in place, which could differ depending on the type of event.
  • Who is responsible, the event venue owner or the event organiser?
    This can be decided between the venue owner or operator, or the organiser/hirer of the venue.
  • What does it mean for someone to ‘record a visit’? This can be done by scanning QR codes with the COVID-19 Tracer App or making a manual record. Ideally you would keep a digital copy of this list to ensure you have a backup. If your business/location has controlled access or booking systems that meet the record-keeping requirements, that will also be sufficient.
    To be clear, booking systems being used for record keeping need to capture the necessary details for all attendees (i.e. not only the person making a group booking).  
  • What is the best way to record visits? Using the COVID-19 Tracer app is best. This is particularly valuable for when contact tracing needs to occur as it provides accurate locations and timings for visits and helps speed up contact tracing efforts.
  • What enforcement will be in place? If a person responsible for a business or location has failed to meet record keeping requirements they are committing an infringement offence and will liable to an infringement fee of $300 or court imposed fine not exceeding $1,000.
    Failing to display a QR code will continue to be an infringement offence carrying an infringement fee of $300 or court imposed fine not exceeding $1,000.
  • What if a customer or guest refuses? There will be no expectation or requirement for a person responsible for the place or gathering to enforce non-compliance with record keeping requirements. The obligation on businesses is to have systems and processes in place to ensure (as far as reasonably practicable) so that customers or visitors make a record. Businesses will not be required or expected to turn people away who may refuse to make a record of their visit, particularly if the person becomes aggressive or abusive. This will be at the discretion of the business.
  • What should I tell my customers about privacy? Use a simple privacy statement alongside your alternative record keeping system to let people know why the information is needed and how long you need it for.
  • Can I use sign-in records of customers for other purposes like marketing? No. Information collected to support contact tracing cannot be used for other purposes. The records should only be used for the public health reasons specified. For instance, it cannot be used as a mailing list, or to allow staff to contact customers.

We will keep you updated on additional information we receive from DPMC. In the meantime, please direct any queries to our email so that we can specifically address and seek additional clarification.

2021 Eventing the Future Conference
& NZEA NZ Event Awards Gala Evening postponed

Given the current COVID-19 outbreak, the NZEA – in a position familiar to many in our industry - have made the difficult decision to once again postpone the upcoming Eventing the Future National Events Conference and the NZEA NZ Event Awards Gala Evening.

The new dates for Eventing the Future 2021 are Tuesday 14 & Wednesday 15 December 2021, with the NZEA Event Awards Gala Evening (also the official dinner of the conference) taking place on the evening of Tuesday 14 December. Kia kaha, 

Ségolène de Fontenay
General Manager, NZEA