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COVID-19 INDUSTRY UPDATE: Alert level changes, letter to Minister Nash & Industry Impact Snapshot Survey

14 September 2021

Auckland remains at alert level 4, rest of NZ at alert level 2

Further to yesterday's announcement, Auckland will remain at alert level 4 for a further week, with the rest of the country remaining at alert level 2. The Prime Minister has signaled that a move to alert level 3 from next Tuesday is likely for Auckland subject to the settings being reviewed on Monday. 

Letter to Minister Nash

The NZEA has today written to Minister Stuart Nash outlining the critical situation in the Events Sector and our immediate needs: targeted and extended financial support, a risk-based approach to events at alert level 2, a government-backed insurance facility and improved MIQ systems. You can read our letter here.

Industry Impact Snapshot Survey

Together, let's take further action for our Events Sector! 

We would appreciate a few minutes of your time to provide us with an update on where your organisation is at in this latest Industry Impact Snapshot survey.

We are mindful that you may be survey-fatigued! But data is king and key to our advocacy efforts. We will present the results of this latest survey to Minister Nash.

Take the survey

As usual, please complete one survey per organisation and feel free to share with the wider events sector. The survey closes Tuesday 21 September. 

Financial support

A third Wage Subsidy Scheme payment for eligible businesses has been announced. Please note businesses in alert level 2 areas can apply for this payment if you meet the criteria. If your business is eligible, you can apply from Friday 17 September 2021. Find out more on the link below:

You can also apply for the second round of the Resurgence Support Payment from Friday 17 September 2021 - please note businesses in an alert level 2 areas can apply for this payment if you meet the criteria. You can apply if you have already received a payment. The payment and eligibility criteria are the same as the current scheme. Find out more on the link below:

COVID guidelines for events

Travelling with your alert level: We are still awaiting a response from DPMC as to whether there will be a need to 'travel with your alert level' in a split alert level 2/alert level 1 situation to help event professionals plan as alert levels are decreased. We will update you as soon as we receive a response. 

Defined spaces: It has been clarified that there should not be direct airflow between defined spaces so while temporary walls can be used, temporary dividers (i.e. not full height) cannot as air would be freely able to flow around them: 

Mandatory record keeping - your alternative system and privacy

Scanning of QR codes using the COVID tracer app is the best method of record keeping as it does not require event organisers or venues to collect or store any personal information for this purpose, therefore avoiding privacy concerns. However, you do need to have an alternative method of record keeping for those who can’t scan and there are a few points event professionals need to be aware of in terms of privacy.

  • Ensure your alternative record keeping method protects privacy e.g. a tablet-based electronic system, a ballot box-style system, or a staff member recording details but not a clipboard where people’s details are visible to the general public.
  • You need to have a simple privacy statement alongside your alternative record keeping system to let people know why the information is needed and how long you need to keep it (see link below). 
  • You cannot use the information collected for any other use – i.e. you cannot add these details to your marketing database.

The Privacy Commission has a page dedicated to this and which includes an example privacy statement, and states the records must be kept for 60 days and destroyed after that.

Please refer to our previous updates for all our information on events at alert level 2 and mandatory record keeping.

And of course, don't hesitate to get in touch with us at with any queries you may have.Kia kaha, 

Ségolène de Fontenay
General Manager, NZEA