Why enter?

Suzanne Porter of TAFT, Winner of National Event of the Year 2017 for WOMAD, explains...

How to enter

1. Awards Entry Pricing:

  • NZEA Member Award Category Submission $95.00+GST
  • Non-Member Award Category Submission $195.00+GST
  • Membership + Submission Deal: 1 x Award Category Submission plus 1 year NZEA membership for up to six staff $425.00+GST
  • Not-for-Profit or Charitable organisation (NZEA Member) Award Category Submission $75.00+GST
  • Not-for-Profit or Charitable organisation (Non-Member) Award Category Submission $150.00+GST
  • Additional Award Categories can be entered at $50.00+GST each (please ensure you answer the relevant questions for the new category with a separate submission)

2. Choose a Category and Register

Regardless of your role within the New Zealand events industry, there is a category to suit you. The only challenge is to choose the category that gives you the best chance of success.

Online registration will open from 1 August 2018. Once registered, you will be emailed the relevant template/s to begin your entry/ies. Register early, so you have plenty of time to work on your submission.

3. Start your entry

If you do not receive your entry template within 24 hours of registering, please email awards@nzea.co.

The best advice is to start your entry early so that you can continue to refine your submission prior to the deadline date Just make sure you register the entry and pay well in advance of deadline to ensure your entry is valid.

4. Submit your entry

You need to email your completed entry on the required template to awards@nzea.co by 10.00am on 1 October 2018* and this is what will be submitted to the judges as your final entry.

Please ensure you read our 'Important Information for All Entries' and 'FAQ' documents before completing your entry.

*Late submissions available until 9 October - contact us for more detail.

5. Submit your supplementary material

Supplementary material includes any visual aids, photographs or edited video that you feel will help the judges to assess your entries. It can include up to five photos, and two very short videos (under 2 minutes) any items submitted above the limit will be disregarded. Please note that supplementary material will not be returned after the judging process.

6. Payment details

When you enter your registration details on the NZEA website, an invoice will be generated and emailed to you. This can be paid via direct debit to NZEA’s bank account or online via Paypal. Please ensure your entry invoice is paid by 10.00am, 1 October 2018 for your entry to be valid*.

*Late submissions available until 9 October - contact us for more detail.

What you need to know before submitting

Awards entries can be booked and paid for on the website but please email your awards entry to awards@nzea.co

General Conditions of Entry

  • All sections of the entry must be completed and submitted in writing and comply with required entry templates, word limits and other guidelines specified by NZEA.
  • Candidates should ensure that information provided is relevant and sufficient to allow the judges to properly assess their entry.
  • Information provided by candidates will be kept confidential by NZEA and the judging panel.
  • Winners accept that their details may be used in publicity of the awards.
  • The judges’ decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.
  • Judges reserve the right to seek independent references.
  • Judges reserve the right to re-allocate entries to alternative, more appropriate, categories.

Word Count

  • Identify which category/categories you want to enter. You may enter into more than one category, if appropriate, but please ensure you submit responses to each category’s criteria, even if they are for the same event. See fees section for costs.
  • A maximum 500 word count applies to the compulsory event overview for categories where this is specified.
  • A maximum 1,500 word count (over and above the initial event overview 500 word count) applies to the content of all entries in all categories (i.e. responses to the numbered questions).
  • A maximum of 250 word count applies to each testimonial where requested (over and above the 1,500 entry word count). Please note testimonials are not required for all categories, please check carefully if requested.
  • Write your submission using the correct template, ensuring you answer each of the questions.
  • The questions and criteria will be set up on a Word document template and be emailed to you on request to awards@nzea.co. However, please save your final responses to the questions in the template as a pdf before emailing, and name it after the category followed by your event name. eg: ‘Best Community Event of the Year Santa Parade Eketahuna’ before you email to awards@nzea.co

Imagery, Video and Graphics

  • You can provide up to five high resolution images. Please email your five images in the same email as your written submission, but as separate files. We will require your permission to use these photos for publicising the awards if you are a finalist, so please include a photo credit, where required.
  • You can provide up to two short videos (under 2 minutes in length). Please host the video on a web page and include the link in your written submission above. Please ensure to include any special instructions for judges, ie: passwords etc.
  • A total of three visual aids (pie-charts, graphs, tables, and other graphic aids) are permitted in addition to the five image allowance per submission. Please however include the graphs in the body of your word document/pdf in the section where it would be most relevant. Please respect the limit of three visual aids, as more than this will jeopardise your entry.

Tips for Awards Entries

  • In order to receive the full picture about the event, it is recommended that the event organisers complete the entry, or work closely in partnership with the funder/partner if they are initiating the entry.
  • It is important for entries to stress who owns the event and who delivers the event.
  • Focus on the event management – the inputs as well as the outcomes. The success of an event comes back to what was planned, versus what was then achieved.
  • Demonstrate customer feedback.
  • Spell-check entries.
  • Follow the guidelines, including word limits, and use the template. Answer all the criteria required for the category.
  • Include evidence to support the claims within your entry.

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